Regulations SportChain Cup Rotterdam U15 2020

      1. The tournament is open for players born after 01-01-2005. Each team is allowed to bring a maximum of 2 players born between 01-01-2004 and 31-12-2004 to the tournament;
      2. The matches will be played on a full-size artificial grass pitch;
      3. Matches will last 2 x 20 minutes with 5 minutes in between (no half time);
      4. A team consists of 11 players, including one goalkeeper, plus a number of substitutes;
      5. During the tournament matches will be played according to the usual substitute rules per game 5 field players or 4 field players and 1 goalkeeper. A subbed player can’t return in the same game;
      6. The team that is named first in the program will be assigned for kick-off. The second team is allowed to choose sides;
      7. Matches will be played according to these regulations as well as the regulations of the KNVB (Dutch Football Association);
      8. The games will be led by referees of the KNVB;
      9. Each referee will be assisted by two objective and experienced assistant-referees;
      10. Before the start of the tournament each team needs to give a handout mentioning: the full name(s), date of birth and shirt number of each player. This information won’t be shared with third parties;
      11. Players must wear the same shirt number during the whole tournament;
      12. Each team is required to start the game on time. If a team is not present at the stated time, the opponent will be assigned as the winner with a score of 3-0;
      13. In case of two teams wearing the same kit colours, or kit colours are similar, the team that is mentioned in the program as first, need to appear in shirts with a different colour. In case of doubt the referee makes the final decision;
      14. The tournament starts with 4 groups of 6 teams;
      15. The numbers 1 from each group will play for position 1 to 4;
      16. The numbers 2 from each group will play for position 5 to 8;
      17. The numbers 3 from each group will play for position 9 to 12;
      18. The numbers 4 from each group will play for position 13 to 16;
      19. The numbers 5 from each group will play for position 17 to 20;
      20. The numbers 6 from each group will play for position 21 to 24;
      21. The final raking will be determined by:
        1. the amount of match points;
        2. the goal balance;
        3. the mutual result;
        4. the highest amount of scored goals;
        5. penalty kicks.
      22. If a semi-final or final match ends in a tie, then each team needs to take 3 penalty kicks taken by 3 different players. If, after 6 penalty kicks no decision has fallen, they should continue by other players until a decision is reached;
      23. Players who received a red card by means of two yellow cards are suspended for the next match;
      24. Players received a direct red card are suspended for the next match;
      25. The matches are centrally initiated;
      26. Prices are available for the best attacker, best midfielder, best defender and the best goalkeeper. The judgement will be done by an independent committee;
      27. If there are instances, which are not mentioned in the tournament regulations, the tournament committee decides.

* Please note that these regulations are subject to change.